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Amazonas & Loreto

Caiman Manu NP

The Amazonas region is about a third of the territory of Peru but has only a tenth of the population. Partly due to the low human population, Peruvian Amazon has some of the most incredible biodiversity on the planet. Also, the variety of micro-climates and cloud forests mean that in a relatively small geographical area, you can see many different ecosystems, each with its own flora and fauna.

The dominant pre-Columbian culture was the Chachapoyas, after whom the capital is named. The Chachapoyas were at their height between the years 1100-1300, after which they were dominated by the Inca. Kuélap is the most important archeological site for the Chachapoyas.


There are few roads in this area and almost every destination requires hiking. It’s also colder than most jungle areas this close to the equator. This is a vast area, so plan ahead for which parts you want to visit.

Dangers in the Amazon

Foreign travelers should stick to the most touristy areas of the Peruvian Amazon. Many of the most remote areas are controlled by narco-traffickers who steal land from Indigenous people to make and export cocaine. This applies most to the Loreto region on the border with Colombia. Visit the Amazon with licensed tour agencies and check with your embassy if in doubt.

Amazonas Hikes


The jungle city

Bosque Palmeras Taulia Molinopampa

Saving the rainforest


City & airport


Archeological site


Archeological site

Laguna de los Cóndores

aka Laguna de las Momias

Parque Nacional de Cutervo

Anteaters, pampas cats & bears

Pongo de Manseriche

River canyon adventure

Quiocta Caves

Geology and archeology


Archeological site

Sonche Canyon

Spectacular canyon vista


Archeological site

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Image by Heather Jasper