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Your app was invaluable in allowing me to make the maximum use of my time and see a wide variety of fantastic sites. I never once had to open the guide book that I also took along. I highly recommend your app to everyone… Thank you!

Peru’s Best Icon

Peru’s Best

by Heather Jasper

Plan your trip using this hand-picked selection of Peru’s finest landscapes, beaches, archeological sights, wildlife encounters and much more.

v1.4 December 2022

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Spain Food & Drink Guide Icon

Spain Food & Drink Guide

by Simon Baskett

The Spain Food & Drink Guide is perfect for spanish travel. Some 350 entries provide instant translations, while mini-articles (22,000 word total) cover most aspects of food and drink.

v1.0 November 2022

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Indiana’s Best Icon

Indiana’s Best

by Jane Simon Ammeson

Plan your trip with this detailed state guide selection of state parks, historical sights and much more.

v1.0 July 2022

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Croatia’s Best Icon

Croatia’s Best

by Jonathan Bousfield

Plan your trip using this hand-picked selection of beaches, cultural sights and much more.

v1.0 July 2022

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Barbados’ Best Icon

Barbados’ Best

by Sara Humphreys

A favourite Caribbean travel destination, Barbados offers a lot more than gorgeous beaches, sea turtles, water sports and rum. Or does it? Find out in this comprehensive trip planner.

v1.2 July 2022

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New Zealand’s Best Icon

New Zealand’s Best

by Craig McLachlan

Plan your trip using this hand-picked selection of NZ’s finest walks, beaches, intriguing cultural sights and wildlife encounters and much more.

v1.1 June 2022

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York’s Best Icon

York’s Best

by Raymond Williams

York has many layers of well-preserved Roman, Viking, Norman and Medieval history to delight visitors, and this app, with it’s original and sponsorship-free content, makes planing and exploring easy.

v1.6 June 2022

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Dordogne’s Best Icon

Dordogne’s Best

by Paul Shawcross

A region of big meandering rivers, fascinating medieval fortresses, beautiful old villages and markets to die for, you'll love exploring the Dordogne.

v1.2 June 2022

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Marrakesh’s Best Icon

Marrakesh’s Best

by Daniel Jacobs

Morocco's most popular tourist destination, Marrakesh is the city from which Morocco takes its name.

v1.2 May 2022

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Nice’s Best Icon

Nice’s Best

by Paul Shawcross

An independent travel guide to the highlights of Nice, the capital of the Côte d'Azur, or French Riviera.

v1.6 May 2022

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Montreal’s Best Icon

Montreal’s Best

by Christian Williams

Montreal buzzes like no place in Canada. It’s the country’s second-largest city and one of the world's largest French-speaking cities.

v1.2 May 2022

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Edinburgh’s Best Icon

Edinburgh’s Best

by Christian Williams

Scotland’s capital is one of Europe’s jewels and needs little introduction. Its jumbled medieval streets are fantastic to explore, and its August festival a key date in the global calendar.

v1.7 May 2022

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Provence’s Best Icon

Provence’s Best

by Paul Shawcross

Provence is a dream-come-true for travellers: blue skies, warm days, balmy evenings, healthy cuisine, splendid architecture, fascinating history and even a wonderful local sing-song accent.

v1.7 March 2022

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Greece’s Best Icon

Greece’s Best

by Rebecca Hall

Plan your trip with a selection of the very best beaches, iconic cultural sights and much more.

v1.3 March 2022

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Athens’ Best Icon

Athens’ Best

by Rebecca Hall

ATHENS' BEST is an ideal travel guide to this ancient city with its pretty districts and world-class cultural sights. All content (70+ points-of-interest/100+ pics) is original and independent.

v1.3 March 2022

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Mexico City’s Best Icon

Mexico City’s Best

by John Hecht

Plan your trip to Mexico’s vibrant capital and North America’s largest city. It's all here: from extensive historical backgrounders to finding hidden Mezcal bars and watching Mexican wrestling.

v1.1 December 2021

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Cook Islands’ Best Icon

Cook Islands’ Best

by Craig McLachlan

Plan your trip to tropical paradise and make sure you don’t miss any of the best spots and activities while you’re there. There’s much more to the Cooks than resort life, if you want it!

v1.1 November 2021

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Birmingham & West Midlands Icon

Birmingham & West Midlands

by Alison Plummer

Plan your trip to central England’s incredibly varied destinations. From the bright lights of regenerating Birmingham to bucolic Cotswold villages; along with a huge number of Shakespearean sights.

v1.1 November 2021

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Brighton’s Best Icon

Brighton’s Best

by Sue King

Brighton’s combination of traditional seaside fun with a quirky bohemian vibe makes this city a unique destination.

v1.3 October 2021

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Grand Canyon & Flagstaff Icon

Grand Canyon & Flagstaff

by George Miller

World Heritage Park, Wonder of the World, most visited US National Park: the GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK is more than the human mind can absorb in a day, week, or lifetime.

v1.5 October 2021

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Myrtle Beach’s Best Icon

Myrtle Beach’s Best

by Liz & Charlie Mitchell

A top US family beach destination, Myrtle Beach is perfect for all sorts of relaxing activities: from fishing to wine tours to golf and shopping. The great day trip options include Charleston.

v1.2 October 2021

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Banff & Canada’s Rockies Icon

Banff & Canada’s Rockies

by Christian Williams

Canada’s celebrated picture-postcard mountain playgrounds are perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities: from lakeside strolls to multi-day treks; from ice skating to heli-skiing.

v1.2 October 2021

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Austin’s Best Icon

Austin’s Best

by Amy K. Brown

From juicy BBQ and bat-watching to spicy Tex-Mex and fantastic live music, Austin likes to show its visitors a good ol’ good time. This travel app will ensure you make the most of it.

v1.2 October 2021

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Newcastle’s Best Icon

Newcastle’s Best

by Paul Shawcross

Famed for iconic bridges, industrial heritage, Georgian architecture and gregarious locals, North East England’s biggest city is compact enough to see in a day - but you’ll want to stay much longer!

v1.4 October 2021

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Australia’s Best Icon

Australia’s Best

by Cristian Bonetto

Plan your trip using this hand-picked selection of Australia’s finest landscapes, beaches, cultural sights and wildlife encounters and much more.

v1.1 October 2021

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Madrid’s Best Icon

Madrid’s Best

by Patrick López

A city known for its elegant boulevards and sprawling manicured parks; but worth visiting for so much more.

v1.5 October 2021

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Thailand’s Best Icon

Thailand’s Best

by Ron Emmons

Plan your trip using this hand-picked selection of Thailand's finest beach destinations, cultural attractions, outdoor activities and much more.

v1.1 September 2021

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Devon & Cornwall’s Best Icon

Devon & Cornwall’s Best

by Belinda Dixon

Plan your trip using this extensive hand-picked guide to the finest walks, beaches and attractions in England’s Devon and Cornwall.

v1.1 August 2021

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Hong Kong’s Best Icon

Hong Kong’s Best

by Beth Reiber

Hong Kong offers enough diversions to occupy a lifetime – just ask anyone who lives there.

v1.6 August 2021

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Scotland’s Best Icon

Scotland’s Best

by Christian Williams

Plan your trip using this app's handcrafted itineraries or its many themed sections: from the North Coast 500 and Outlander Scotland to hitting the Whisky Trail, golfing, hiking or mountain biking.

v1.7 April 2021

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Beach photo by dronepicr (edited), CC BY 2.0