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TouchScreenTravels' apps come at travel planning from every direction: they discuss trip ESSENTIALS; introduce PLACES within a destination; organise your time using ITINERARIES; and gather suggested sights and activities by INTEREST.

The interface is IMAGE-LED, so the apps are beautifully organised and illustrated, while the TEXT is written by professional travel writers to be informative, engaging and to-the-point.

… and maybe write

“I found your CMS very intuitive and easy to use - to be honest it’s probably the best one I’ve worked with.”

Paul S

Authors: We’d particularly like to hear from you if you have the talent, commitment and the good idea for an app. Our terms are very fair.


Montreal's Best, by Christian Williams

Montreal's Best Icon

Montreal buzzes like no place in Canada. It’s the country’s second largest city and the world’s largest French-speaking city outside Paris.

First release: July 2019.

Marrakesh's Best, by Daniel Jacobs

Marrakesh's Best Icon

Morocco's most popular tourist destination, Marrakesh is the city from which Morocco takes its name.

First release: July 2019.

Scotland's Best, by Christian Williams

Scotland's Best Icon

The fiercely independent little country of Scotland may lie on Europe's fringes, but it's so packed with history and charm that exploring it is well worth a week or two of anyone's time.

First release: December 2016. Latest update: July 2019.

Nice's Best, by Paul Shawcross

Nice's Best Icon

An independent travel guide to the highlights of Nice, the capital of the Côte d'Azur.

First release: December 2017. Latest update: July 2019.

York's Best, by Raymond Williams

York's Best Icon

Join a local author to get accurate, up-to-date information, with unbiased and sponsorship-free content. However long your visit, the app will help you plan and then find your way around the city of York.

First release: March 2018. Latest update: July 2019.

Edinburgh's Best, by Christian Williams

Edinburgh's Best Icon

Scotland’s capital is one of Europe’s jewels and for many needs little introduction. Its jumbled medieval streets are fantastic to explore, and its August festival season a key date in the global calendar.

First release: April 2017. Latest update: July 2019.

Newcastle's Best, by Paul Shawcross

Newcastle's Best Icon

Renowned for its iconic bridges and stunning Georgian Neoclassical architecture, North East England’s biggest city is compact enough to explore in a day though you’ll want to stay much longer!

First release: April 2019. Latest update: May 2019.

Austin's Best, by Amy K. Brown

Austin's Best Icon

From juicy BBQ and bat-watching to spicy Tex-Mex and fantastic live music, Austin likes to show its visitors a good ol’ good time.

First release: February 2019.

Madrid's Best, by Patrick López

Madrid's Best Icon

A city known for its elegant boulevards and sprawling manicured parks; but worth visiting for so much more.

First release: December 2018.

Hong Kong's Best, by Beth Reiber

Hong Kong's Best Icon

Hong Kong offers enough diversions to occupy a lifetime – just ask anyone who lives there.

First release: January 2018. Latest update: May 2018.

Grand Canyon & Flagstaff, by George Miller

Grand Canyon & Flagstaff Icon

World Heritage Park, Wonder of the World, and most visited US National Park. Including detailed coverage of nearby heritage towns of Flagstaff and Williams.

First release: February 2018. Latest update: May 2018.

Upcoming Releases

Rio's Best by Daniel Jacobs

Rio's Best Icon

Glamorous, sexy, lively, exciting, and maybe a bit rough round the edges: that’s the image Rio has worldwide, and it’s all true.

Out soon!

About Us

TouchScreenTravels was founded by two tennis friends in Edinburgh in 2016. The idea was to bring together their expertise in travel and tech to develop independent and user-friendly travel apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as developing an intuitive platform for established writers to publish their work.

Christian Williams

A freelance travel writer since 1998, Christian has written or co-written some twenty guidebooks, two travel apps and a host of related articles for magazines, travel websites and UK newspapers. Clients have included Rough Guides, Dorling Kindersley, AOL, Tripadvisor, Ink Media and UK newspapers The Telegraph, The Independent and The Sunday Times. In North America he's covered much of Canada (particularly the Rockies) and Colorado; in Europe he has focused mainly on Germany (particularly Berlin), Austria, Scotland and Tenerife. Even when not working he likes to explore – usually on one of his ten bicycles.

Jackson Pauls

Jackson is a holistic software engineer. He's spent much of the last twenty years building websites, and increasingly focused on mobile apps over the last five years. When not at his desk, he can be found playing football with his kids, on a tennis court, or even sometimes in the pub.


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