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People have been attracted to the Dordogne region – known as the Périgord prior to the French Revolution – for thousands of years. Evidence of human occupation from the Palaeolithic age can be seen especially along the beautiful valley of the river Vézere.

Beynac Château above the Dordogne River

Since then many have come to stay at least for a while. Gauls, Romans, Franks, English, French and finally the English (again) along with the Dutch have settled happily. No doubt the climate, fertile land, abundant water and a relaxed, healthy way of life (underwritten by fabulous food and wine) all contribute.

These factors also draw visitors from around the world. Today the area is one the most well-known and visited parts of France.

The Périgord

The Dordogne is also known as the Périgord consists of four distinct conveniently colour-coded parts. The Périgord Noir, the Périgord Pourpre, the Périgord Vert and Périgord Blanc .

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King Edward's Bastide in the Périgord Pourpre


Home to the "other" holy shroud

Château de Hautefort

A Loire style Château in the Périgord Blanc


The best of the Périgord Vert


Lalinde – the first English Bastide


An unfinished bastide


Specialised paper making on the Dordogne.

Périgord Blanc

The White Périgord

Périgord Noir

The Black Périgord

Périgord Pourpre

Purple Périgord

Périgord Vert


Château, Convent & village all in one


A busy provincial town at the confluence of two rivers


A huge church in a tiny village



Small town on the banks of the Vézère

Text © Paul Shawcross

Images by Paul Shawcross,