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Museo Larco

5000 years of history

museo larco

This is one of the most popular sites in Lima and has a vast collection, divided into four categories:

• The Permanent Collection includes artifacts from many pre-Colombian cultures and societies that existed in Peru. The majority of ceramics are from the Moche culture, who lived on Peru’s northern coast about 2,000 years ago.

Ceramic Moche heads at Museo Larco

• The Visible Storage allows visitors to walk among shelves containing over 30,000 ancient pottery artifacts. This section is overwhelming in the number of rooms that are crammed with shelves that are each crammed with thousands of ceramics.

Visible Storage at Museo Larco

• The Erotic Gallery has pre-Columbian erotic art that “offers a different and interesting perspective on ancient Peruvian sexuality.” There are many explicit ceramics of humans, human skeletons and animals engaged in intercourse. Most ceramics are Moche, but not all.

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