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Lima Parks

park in Peru

Like the museums, this is another long list. I’ll just mention a few of the best, by neighborhood.

Miraflores: Parque Kennedy & Parque Central is my favorite place in the city, both during the day and evening. El Parque de Amor overlooks the Pacific ocean.

Lima center: El Parque de la Exposición was built in 1872 and has beautiful gardens, surrounded by museums. El Parque de la Reserva includes a waterpark and fountains. Nearby is El Camp de Marte is a giant park with monuments and a swimming pool.

San Isidro: Parque María Reiche overlooks the ocean and has floral gardens with representations of Nazca lines. El Olivar is a giant space planted with beautiful olive trees. Directly west, close to the coast, is the Pera de Amor, shaped like a pear.

Barranco: Parque Municipal was inaugurated in 1898. Plazuela Chabuca Granda is more of a plaza but still functions like a park.

San Miguel: Parque de las Leyendas is also a zoo and a great place for kids.

Santiago de Surco: Parque de la Amistad

Camancho: Parque los Anillos is great for kids and has a lake with paddle boats.

South of the city: Lomas de Lúcumo (for an escape from the city)


Most parks in Lima are best enjoyed in the daytime. Kennedy Park in Miraflores is a notable exception, but remember that at any time of day you must remain vigilant of your surroundings. Theft is a major problem in Lima and most parks have a reputation for being dangerous after dark.

Parque de Amor

Mosaics & ocean views

Parque el Olivar

Olive trees & pond

Parque Kennedy

Dancing, antiques & cats

Text © Heather Jasper

Image by Heather Jasper