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Mysticism & archeology

Pisac ruins

If you have a day to spend somewhere in the Sacred Valley, and want to see more than archeological sites, Pisac is your spot.

Pisac is best known for the Pisac archeological site that can visit by guided tour, though in group tours you often only get one hour at the site. If you want to see all of the Pisac ruins, and visit the intihuatana (pictured below) then you’ll need to go on your own, or get a private tour.

Pisac Intihuatana

To get to the ruins on your own, go to any of the people offering rides up to the ruins. They hang out or have offices by the bridge over the Urubamba river that you cross when coming from Cusco. A taxi, which can fit up to four passengers, costs s/30. You can also walk from the Pisac Plaza de Armas. It’s a long walk and all uphill but doesn’t take much more than an hour.

There’s also a lot to see in town. The market is famous throughout the Sacred Valley and I highly recommend checking it out and getting a juice at one of the juice stalls. There are dozens of great restaurants and many great options for lodging.


Pisac is also famed for its numerous shamans and ayahuasca retreats. This is a big topic. I suggest starting with my section about mystical tourism in Peru.


All tours of the Sacred Valley include Pisac, both the town and the ruins. You can get there on your own from Calle Puputi in Cusco. If you go to Calle Puputi (which means bellybutton) you’ll hear several people calling for passengers in their vans or taxis to Pisac and Calca.

1200–1527: The Inca Era


Ayahuasca & Mystical Tourism

The Sacred Valley & Around

Peru’s Archaeology In-A-Week

North to south, old to older

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