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Beaches & archeology


Like most coastal cities in Peru, Casma has both beaches and archeology. The most popular beaches are Playa la Gramita (30 min south of Casma), Playa Tortuga (20 min north of Casma) and Playa Las Gemelas (another 15 min north of Tortuga).

Cerro Sechin

The main archeological site is Cerro Sechin, which was built between 1770-1510 BCE. It has lots of fascinating carved stone walls and was the center of its own culture of people. Archeologists have found that the Sechin people were independent from the Moche who were otherwise dominant in this area.

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The city is 5 hours north of Lima and 4 hours south of Trujillo. It’s a great half-way point if you’re driving from Lima up to Trujillo.

North Coast Archeology

Moche & Chimú

North Coast Beaches

Peru’s best surfing

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