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The Central Coast

Totora Reed Boat in Huanchaco

The Central Coast around Lima has beautiful beaches and some of the oldest archeological sites in the Americas, the most famous being Caral-Supe. But the Caral, Chavin and Chimú cultures left many other important archeological sites too.

Totora reed boats have been used for fishing for thousands of years. The coastal desert has very few trees and none large enough to make boats.

Totora Fishing Boats

It is one of the world’s driest deserts, despite being the coast. This means that most of the year, it is beautifully sunny. It can be chilly and foggy in the austral winter months June through August, though it never gets cold. The Humboldt current, which flows northwards from the Antarctic, brings cold water to the Peruvian coast.


The oldest city in the Americas

Playa El Silencio

White sand & good surf

Playa Embajadores

Exclusive beach

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Images by Wikimedia commons