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New Regent St Christchurch NZ.

It’s said that New Zealand produces enough food to feed a country of 40 million.

Agriculture is traditionally the top industry and export earner, and there aren’t that many people around in NZ (about 5 million) to eat all that is produced.

There is no shortage of food here, though visitors may be surprised at prices in supermarkets and restaurants. NZ is not a particularly cheap place to eat.

That said, as an multi-ethnic, immigrant society, you’ve got a lot to choose from.

As the population has diversified over the last 50 years or so, NZ has moved on from being a “meat & 3 veg” society with pubs closing at 6pm (until 1967!), to having an incredibly vibrant and diverse foodie and drinking scene, with a huge number of restaurants, cafes, craft breweries, wineries and freedom of choice.

These days, eating in NZ is a joy, not simply a way of staying alive for arriving immigrants. Get out and enjoy it!

Vegetarians, Vegans & Gluten-free

The number of vegetarians and vegans in NZ is on the rise. Most restaurants, cafes and pubs will have one or two choices on the menu. Check out Vegetarians NZ, Vegan NZ and Gluten Free Me.

Farmers Markets

Every little town has one! Try local fresh, seasonal products. Find a market at Farmers Markets NZ.

Coffee Culture

New Zealand has its own coffee culture in a big way, in what may seem like an addiction throughout the country. Don’t worry, you won’t have a problem finding a good coffee. There’s even a contentious claim that the Flat White was invented here.

Cafe or Restaurant?

This is somewhat fuzzy in New Zealand. Places that may be considered as a cafe during the day - and even have the word cafe in their name - may well turn into a town’s top restaurant at night. Check out both our Cafes & Pubs and Restaurants pages.

Meals & Prices at-a-glance

At-a-glance information has been provided for all eating options in this app with codes in the subtitles of each entry:

  • b = breakfast
  • l = lunch
  • d = dinner
  • $ = main dishes mostly under $15
  • $$ = main dishes mostly $15–30
  • $$$ = main dishes mostly over $30
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Eat & Drink New Zealand

Eventfinda - for up-to-date info on what’s coming up all over the country.

Breweries, Cideries & Distilleries

Cafés & Pubs


Shops & Shopping

Spectator Sports


Text © Craig McLachlan

Image by Bernard Spragg. NZ