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Nice’s Best, by Paul Shawcross

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NICE'S BEST is the ideal travel guide to Nice. Written by a pro-author it explores CITY and nearby COAST & MOUNTAINS; suggests ITINERARIES; details SIGHTS; then suggests great spots to EAT. All content (110+ points of interest/160+ pics) is original and independent; no recommendations are ads!

First release: December 2017. Latest update: September 2023.

NICE'S BEST starts with a TRIP ESSENTIALS section to help with planning, which includes coverage of FESTIVALS & EVENTS as well as TRANSPORT info.

It then introduces the CITY, COAST and MOUNTAINS to help orientate you, before suggesting ITINERARIES, which offer first-timers the ideal way to explore the region using easy-to-follow routes.

Or, if you’re keen on exploring local ART; delving into regional HISTORY; spending time outdoors HIKING or in PARKS & GARDENS; or just want to find the best attractions for KIDS & FAMILIES, you might just dive straight into one of these themed sections. Other themed sections include BEACHES, CYCLING and WINTER SPORTS.

Finally the app details many good places to EAT, DRINK, SHOP to help ensure a perfect trip.


Paul Shawcross has penned city guides for Thomas Cook and revised and contributed text for several Michelin Green Guides. He's also authored pieces for in-flight magazines and coffee table books as well as articles for leading periodicals including Living France, France Today and France Magazine. While loving France and going back as often as possible, Paul travels widely in Europe and is currently the European editor for travel planning website He also has written several other apps for TouchScreenTravels including, Provence's Best, Dordogne's Best and Newcastle's Best