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Newcastle's Best, by Paul Shawcross

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NEWCASTLE’S BEST is the ideal city break travel guide. Its 117 photos and 11,800 words explore key Neighbourhoods; detail Sights & Activities; outline Itineraries; and suggest great places to Eat, Drink and find Entertainment. All content is original and fully-independent; so no recommendations are ads!

First release: April 2019. Latest update: May 2019.


Newcastle upon Tyne, northeast England’s biggest city, sits proudly on the north bank of the River Tyne. A blend of the ancient and contemporary, the city is famous today for its shopping, universities, soccer team and its famously gregarious citizens who are known the world over as Geordies – a reference to their support for King George II during the 18th-century Jacobite Rebellion.

But most visibly Newcastle is famed for its spectacular bridges. Most hark back to the city’s glory days when men like George and Robert Stephenson, Charles Parsons, William Armstrong, Joseph Swan and John Walker, the inventor of the friction match, made it a hub for the Industrial Revolution. Tracing their heritage is a major draw but so too is the city’s re-imagining since as a centre of contemporary culture, not least in modern architectural wonders such as the Sage Music Centre.


As a proud Geordie, Paul Shawcross is pleased to cover his home city in this app, although much of his work as a travel writer has been abroad, particularly in France penning guides for Thomas Cook and Michelin. He’s also authored articles for several magazines and leading periodicals including Living France, France Today and France Magazine. Paul is also the author of Nice's Best, another app.