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This is a preview of the full content of our Barbados’ Best app.

Please consider downloading this app to support small independent publishing and because:

  • All content is designed for mobile devices and works best there.
  • Detailed in-app maps will help you find sites using your device’s GPS.
  • The app works offline (one time upgrade required on Android versions).
  • All advertising (only present on Android versions) can be removed.

The app will also allow you to:

  • Add custom locations to the app map (your hotel…).
  • Create your own list of favourites as you browse.
  • Search the entire contents using a fast and simple text-search tool.
  • Make one-click phone calls (on phones).
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Children playing on a beach in Barbados

Thanks for downloading Barbados’ Best, an independent travel guide to the highlights of one of the Caribbean’s most popular travel destinations.

Famed for its dazzling beaches, crystalline waters, gourmet dining, rum and relaxed vibe, this tiny tropical island is packed with plenty to see and do. From meandering round exotic gardens and historical buildings to adrenaline-fuelled water sports and partying on the sand, it’s easy to see why many visitors return year after year to the world’s newest republic.

A full Table of Contents is below – but the core of the guide is organised in three ways:

By Destination

To get a geographic overview of the island’s varied coastlines, tropical interior and main towns, head to THE ISLAND section and read the descriptions of Barbados’ and overviews of its regions.

By Time

If you want to organise your trip based on your schedule, look at the ITINERARIES & TOURS section.

By Interest & Activity

To plan according to your interests, go to the INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES section, which gathers together attractions in a number of themed ways.

App Menus

We hope our app menus are as self-explanatory as they’ve been designed to be – but don’t miss:

  • The Magnifying glass searches the text of the entire app.
  • Find something you want to bookmark? then use the Heart symbol to save it as one of your favourites.
  • Then, to really make this app your travel HQ, add items to its map – such as your hotel. Use the pin symbol.

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Table of Contents

Text © Sara Humphreys

Image by Ariel Pilotto on Unsplash