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Barbados’ Best, by Sara Humphreys

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BARBADOS’ BEST is the ideal digital travel guide to this Caribbean island. Written by a pro-author it explores all parts of the ISLAND; suggests ITINERARIES; details dozens of SIGHTS and ACTIVITIES; then suggests great spots to EAT. All content (160+ points-of-interest/270+ pics) is original.

First release: January 2022. Latest update: July 2023.

BARBADOS’ BEST starts with essential TRIP-PLANNING information – including tips on ACCOMMODATION, FESTIVALS and TRANSPORT.

An ISLAND section begins by introducing all the key regions and towns to make orientation easy.

Then, an ITINERARIES and TOURS section suggests how you might start to explore the island, and includes an easy-to-follow walking tour of the main city, Bridgetown.

You’ll find all you need to enjoy the best of the island by theme in the next, INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES, section of the app. Here you’ll find an overview of interests as diverse as finding the best BEACHES; the finest places to sample RUM; an inventory of the WATER SPORTS (catamarans, sailing, diving, snorkelling, SUP, kayaking, surfing); and a thorough section on Barbadian HISTORY.

Other sections include GARDENS & NATURE; HIKING & BIKING; KIDS & FAMILIES, SPECTATOR SPORTS; SPORTS & ACTIVITIES (including golf, horse riding) and VIEWS.

Next, there’s a hand-picked selection of places to EAT & DRINK in a BARS, NIGHTLIFE & DRINKING and a RESTAURANTS section of the app, where you’ll love the many locals’ choices.

Finally, a SHOPS & SHOPPING section should make sure you’ll find the perfect souvenir of your trip.

The Author

A travel writer for over 15 years, SARA HUMPHREYS has authored and updated numerous guidebooks, as well as penning articles – on Panama, Namibia, Ecuador and Peru in particular, as well as on other Caribbean destinations. When not travelling, she can be found swinging in a hammock in Barbados.