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Waterton Lakes NP

Make no mistake, Waterton Lakes National Park is as fine a park as any in the Canadian Rockies. Yet its relatively small size and isolated position – well south of the other Rockies parks and on the US border, adjoining Montana’s Glacier National Park – helps keep it relatively uncrowded.

Since most of the park is easily accessed from its only settlement, Waterton, it’s particularly superb for day-hikes and the park’s 255km of trails are among the best made and most scenic in the Canadian Rockies. Most cross wildflower meadows to climax at small alpine lakes cradled in spectacular hanging valleys, but a few hikes, like the Tamarack Trail, head over or along ridges to offer multiday backcountry backpacking.

There’s plenty for those not mad on hiking too, with two attractive drives possible along two wonderfully scenic access roads, Akamina Parkway and Red Rock Parkway. Both probe west into the park interior from Waterton and are dotted with viewpoints as well spots to picnic, camp and hire boats.

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Eat Waterton

Hike Waterton Lakes NP

Sleep Waterton

Cameron Lake

Boating & a broad selection of hikes (15min—8hrs)

Crandell Lake MTB Loop

Great singletrack & views (2-3hrs/20km/moderate)

Prince Of Wales Hotel

Imposing 1927 hotel ($$$) with commanding views (b,l,d; $$+)

Red Rock Canyon

An easy stroll; a gentle hike & more...

Tamarack Outfitters

Outdoor gear and hiker shuttles

Waterton (town)

Pretty National Park hub

Waterton Lakes Visitor Centre

Information & backcountry permits

Waterton Shoreline Cruises

Upper Waterton Lake Cruises & hikes

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