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This is a preview of the full content of our Australia’s Best app.

Please consider downloading this app to support small independent publishing and because:

  • All content is designed for mobile devices and works best there.
  • Detailed in-app maps will help you find sites using your device’s GPS.
  • The app works offline (one time upgrade required on Android versions).
  • All advertising (only present on Android versions) can be removed.

The app will also allow you to:

  • Add custom locations to the app map (your hotel…).
  • Create your own list of favourites as you browse.
  • Search the entire contents using a fast and simple text-search tool.
  • Make one-click phone calls (on phones).
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This app carves up Australia by its states and territories:

Fast-paced Sydney is Australia’s largest city and the capital of New South Wales, home to spectacular escarpments and bohemian mountains villages, Hollywood-famous Outback towns and celebrity-magnet surf beaches. Its southeast corner harbours the Australian Capital Territory, home to the nation’s capital, Canberra, and its plethora of important cultural sites.

Further south, Victoria - Australia’s second most populous state - serves up cool-climate wine regions, temperate rainforests, world-famous coastal drives and the cosmopolitan cool of Australia’s second-largest city Melbourne. Below it lies the island state of Tasmania and its UNESCO-listed wilderness, evocative convict ruins, and provocative art museum MONA. South Australia pours historic wine regions, rugged Outback ranges and the easy sophistication of its compact capital Adelaide, home to internationally renowned arts festivals.

With Perth as its vibrant, sun-drenched capital, Western Australia spans southern vineyards and towering forests to otherworldly northern deserts. Across the border, the Northern Territory is Australia’s ancient soul, where awe-inspiring sites like Uluru and Kakadu meet a strong, vibrant indigenous presence. To the east sprawls Queensland. With up-and-coming Brisbane as its capital, Australia’s favourite holiday state lures with its ancient rainforests, celestial beaches, tropical islands and good-times vibe.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

Text © Cristian Bonetto

Image by Peter Fitzgerald