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Australia’s Best, by Cristian Bonetto

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AUSTRALIA’S BEST is the ideal travel guide to this extraordinary country and continent. Written by a pro-author it explores key DESTINATIONS; suggests ITINERARIES; details dozens of SIGHTS and ACTIVITIES; and suggests great spots to EAT. All content (150+ points-of-interest/205+ pics) is original and independent; no recommendations are ads!

First release: October 2021.

AUSTRALIA’S BEST starts with essential TRIP-PLANNING information and an overview of key REGIONS and DESTINATIONS to provide perfect orientation.

A hand-crafted ITINERARIES section then offers first-timers an easy-to-follow introduction to the captivating city of Sydney, the country’s biggest.

There’s much more on these two topics in INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES, the next section of the app. It’s designed to give you the heads-up on various interests, so if you’re travelling with KIDS or looking for ART & CULTURE then you might just dive straight into the app here.

Other categories here include BEACHES, HIKING, WINE & WINERIES, HISTORY & WILDLIFE – much of it in many of Australia’s scenically amazing NATIONAL PARKS.

Finally, the app details a handpicked selection of RESTAURANTS, CAFES & PUBS – the kind where you can’t go wrong. Many are located near key sights. There’s also a little on SHOPS & SHOPPING with special emphasis on the many exceptional MARKETS that are the pride of many cities.

The Author

Italo-Australian travel writer Cristian Bonetto has written and co-written close to 50 travel guides about Australia, Italy, Scandinavia, USA and Singapore. Cristian contributes to numerous media outlets – including The Telegraph (UK) and the New Zealand Herald – and has also hosted travel videos for Lonely Planet. When he’s not on the road, you’ll find him happily exploring the bluestone streets of his beloved hometown Melbourne.