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Thailand’s Best, by Ron Emmons

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THAILAND’S BEST is an ideal travel guide to this glorious tropical destination. Written by a pro-author it introduces key REGIONS; suggests ITINERARIES; details dozens of SIGHTS and ACTIVITIES; and suggests great spots to EAT. All content (75+ points-of-interest/100+ pics) is original and independent.

First release: September 2021. Latest update: August 2023.

THAILAND’S BEST starts with essential TRIP-PLANNING information and an overview of key REGIONS and DESTINATIONS to provide perfect orientation.

A hand-crafted ITINERARIES section then guides first-timers around BANGKOK IN-A-DAY and suggests a varied itinerary for a TWO-WEEK TRIP.

But, if you've a special interest in topics such as ART & CULTURE or travelling with KIDS, then you might just dive straight into the INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES. This groups things by theme. Other sections here include HISTORY, OUTDOORS, WILDLIFE.

Food should be a big part of your experience, so the app details a selection of reliably good BARS and RESTAURANTS. It also provides a rundown of various ENTERTAINMENT options from shows to Thai-boxing. Finally, a SHOPS & SHOPPING section suggests what and where you buy souvenirs to round off that perfect trip.


The Author

Ron Emmons is a writer and photographer who is based in Thailand. He writes and updates guidebooks for National Geographic, Frommer’s and Rough Guides, and his features on travel, culture, photography, Nature and Buddhism appear in a variety of international publications.