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Scotland’s Best, by Christian Williams

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SCOTLAND’S BEST is an ideal trip planner and travel guide to this engaging country. Written by a pro-author it introduces DESTINATIONS, suggests ITINERARIES, explores various INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES and details FOOD & DRINK highlights. All content (250 entries/500 pics) is original and independent; no tips are ads!

First release: December 2016. Latest update: June 2023.

SCOTLAND’S BEST starts with essential TRIP-PLANNING information and an overview of key REGIONS and DESTINATIONS to help you decide where to go.

A hand-crafted ITINERARIES section then offers first-timers a good way to start exploring key cities and many of its regions.

The app also groups Scotland’s finest sights and attractions by INTEREST and ACTIVITY so no-one misses a highlight they'll love. So if it’s HISTORY or WHISKY you’re after; or you want to travel in LUXURY or with KIDS, you can be sure you'll get a good heads-up.

Other categories here include ART, CASTLES, GOLF, HIKING, NATURE, OUTLANDER SCOTLAND, STATELY HOMES & GARDENS, MOUNTAIN BIKING and SIKING. Some come with extensive backgrounders designed to help you appreciate Scotland that little bit more as you travel around.

Finally, a FOOD & DRINK section provides a run-down of Scottish food and suggests some places you wouldn't want to miss.


Christian Williams has been a freelance travel writer since 1998. He's covered destinations all over the world, but mostly specialises in Germany and Canada. He's lived in Scotland for 20 years and is pleased to have finally written about somewhere on his doorstep.