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Ruins of a Greco Roman Town at St-Rémy

About 1km/0.6m south of St-Rémy on the right of D5 road you will find the amazingly preserved Les Antiques. The two wonderfully well preserved Roman monuments, a Mausoleum and a Commemorative Arch both date from about 30BC.

The magnificent Arch celebrates the conquest of Gaul while the Mausoleum commemorates the two grandsons of the Emperor Augustus. Both are in marvelous condition except for a little erosion by the elements. The arch formed the entrance to the old Greek and Roman City located a little further along the road on the left.

Greco-Roman City

Glanum, now in ruins, has a history going back way before the Greeks and Romans.The site was inhabited first by a Celtic-Ligurian tribe before the Greeks built a city here in the 3rd century BC. The ruins you can see today though are mostly Roman from the end of the 1st century BC onwards. Following the barbarian invasions at the end of the 3rd century AD the town was abandoned.

Don’t miss: the Hellenistic (Greek) house, the Bouleuterion; the Thermes (furnaces, baths, pools); the Maison de Capricorn (mosaics); the Temples Geminées (Twin Temples) and the Sacred Spring.

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