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Myrtle Beach’s Best, by Liz & Charlie Mitchell

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MYRTLE BEACH’S BEST is the ideal travel guide to one of the top family beach destinations in the USA. Written by pro authors it explores all key DESTINATIONS; details INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES; suggests ITINERARIES, and has lots of tips of where to EAT. All content (150+ points of interest and 250+ pics) is original & independent; no recommendations are ads!

First release: July 2020. Latest update: April 2023.

MYRTLE BEACH’S BEST starts with essential TRIP PLANNING information and an overview of key BEACHES and RESORT TOWNS so you can decide where to stay.

A handcrafted ITINERARIES section then offers first-timers a good way to start exploring, as well as providing a few ideas for day trips, should you feel like a break from resort life.

Or, if you’re a golf nut or keen to find out about local history, you might just dive straight into info on these on INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES section. Other categories there include Wildlife, Camping, Fishing, Kids and Parks.

Finally the app details many good places to EAT, DRINK, SHOP and see SHOWS to ensure the perfect seaside getaway.

The Authors

Liz and Charlie Mitchell are freelance travel writers, long-time blog, book and app authors, editors and marketing consultants. They’ve lived on the South Carolina coast for more than 20 years where they photograph and write about festivals, dining, entertainment and other favorites.