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Montreal's Best, by Christian Williams

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MONTREAL’S BEST is the ideal travel guide to Canada’s liveliest city. It uses 245 photos and 22,500 words to explore key NEIGHBOURHOODS; detail SIGHTS & ACTIVITIES; outline ITINERARIES; and suggest great places to EAT and DRINK.

All content is original and independent; no recommendations are ads!

First release: July 2019.

Introducing Montreal

Montreal buzzes like no place in Canada. It’s the country’s second largest city – two million, with another two million in adjacent towns – and the continent’s largest French-speaking city. It’s undeniably rag-tag: with its congested writhing highways, hectic intersections, potholed roads; medley of new immigrants from all over the world; and its iconic, yet often awkward, architecture.

Above all it’s a city that knows how to have a good time, as its absurdly busy festival calendar proves. This includes some real heavyweight events too, particularly the annual Just for Laughs comedy festival and a Formula-1 Grand Prix race, as well as a glut of music and film festivals.

All this is capped off by an extremely dynamic restaurant, bar and nightlife scene, which helps make Montreal Canada’s most happening city and its most enjoyable city-break destination.

The Author

Christian Williams has written or co-written some twenty guidebooks, a host of related articles for magazines, travel websites and UK newspapers and a good few apps. He's been eating poutine in Montreal since 2012.