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Mexico City’s Best, by John Hecht

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MEXICO CITY’S BEST is the ideal travel guide to Mexico’s vibrant capital and North America’s largest city. Written by a pro-author it explores key NEIGHBOURHOODS; suggests ITINERARIES; details dozens of SIGHTS and ACTIVITIES; and suggests great spots to EAT, DRINK & SHOP. All content (130+ points-of-interest/160+ pics) is original and independent; no recommendations are ads!

First release: December 2021. Latest update: February 2023.

MEXICO CITY’S BEST  starts with essential TRIP-PLANNING information – with tips on ACCOMMODATION, FESTIVALS and TRANSPORT.

A NEIGHBOURHOODS section then provides orientation to all the key districts of interest to visitors.

Next, a hand-crafted ITINERARIES section suggests an easy-to-follow route for first-timers to get to grips with city highlights: MEXICO CITY IN-A-DAY.

Or, if you have more specific interests, you might dive straight into INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES, the next section of the app. This provides the heads-up on various topics: travelling with KIDS; looking for ART; finding key locations in the city’s HISTORY; seeking out green spaces OUTDOORS and beyond the city fringes.

Finally, the app distills the thousands of possible options into an incredibly useful selection section on RESTAURANTS, CAFES, BARS and various VENUES in the city. With all picks based on many years of personal experience. There’s also a little on SHOPS & SHOPPING with special emphasis on the key craft MARKETS.

The Author

Los Angeles native John Hecht has called Mexico City home for more than two decades. His travel writing focuses mostly on Mexico and has appeared in guidebooks, magazines and on various websites.