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Grand Canyon & Flagstaff, by George Miller

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This GRAND CANYON & FLAGSTAFF GUIDE is the ideal travel guide to the most-visited US National Park and nearby towns. It uses some 213 photos and 27,000 words to introduce DESTINATIONS; outline ITINERARIES; detail SIGHTS & ACTIVITIES and suggest great RESTAURANTS.

All content is original and independent; no recommendations are ads!

First release: February 2018. Latest update: May 2019.

Introducing the Grand Canyon

Whether strolling the rim trail with ice cream cone or backpacking to the river – the most rigorous feat many hikers ever attempt – the majesty of the GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK is more than the human mind can absorb in a day, week, or lifetime.

A World Heritage Park, Wonder of the World and icon of the West, the park attracts visitors from around the world. From any one viewpoint, you can see only a fraction of the 18-mile-wide, 277-mile-long chasm, but even that’s enough to boggle the mind. Stare across the vast maze of buttes, ridges, and cliffs and the wonderment only increases, especially as the shifting light transforms the scene from afternoon shadows to the golden hues of sunset.

Introducing Flagstaff

Much more than a gateway to Grand Canyon National Park, FLAGSTAFF rates as one of Arizona’s premier travel destinations. “Flag” began as a lumbering and railroad center in the mid-1800s before becoming a Route 66 stopover.

The historic downtown features haunted period hotels, a heritage district and there are world-class museums, an arboretum and a famous observatory too. Then, just beyond the fringes of town, three national monuments and the Arizona Snowbowl in the San Francisco Mountains help make the the city an outdoor Mecca.

The Author

George Miller has written some twenty nature and travel-oriented books and dozens of related articles. He's also taught photography, ecology and geology classes at the Grand Canyon and traveled widely throughout the western U.S. His website is