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Edinburgh’s Best, by Christian Williams

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EDINBURGH’S BEST is an ideal travel guide to one of Europe’s real urban jewels and will help you make the most of your city break. Written by a pro-author it explores key NEIGHBOURHOODS; suggests ITINERARIES and WALKS; details SIGHTS; then suggests great spots to EAT, DRINK and find ENTERTAINMENT. All content (150+ points-of-interest/240+ pics) is original and independent; no recommendations are ads!

First release: April 2017. Latest update: August 2023.

EDINBURGH’S BEST starts with a TRIP ESSENTIALS section to help with planning, which includes coverage of FESTIVALS & EVENTS as well as TRANSPORT info.

A rundown of all the key NEIGHBOURHOODS then helps orientate you, while an ITINERARIES section offers first-timers the ideal way to explore the city using easy-to-follow walks.

Or, if you’re keen on exploring local ART; delving into city HISTORY; spending time OUTDOORS; or just want to find the best attractions for KIDS & FAMILIES, you might just dive straight into one of these themed sections.

Finally the app details many good places to EAT, DRINK and SHOP, with a rundown of some key RESTAURANTS, PUBS and CAFES along with a low-down on city SHOPPING.

The Author

Christian Williams has lived in Scotland for most of his adult life and has been a travel writer since 1997. Since then he's written or co-written some twenty guidebooks and a host of related articles for magazines, travel websites and UK newspapers.