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Devon & Cornwall’s Best, by Belinda Dixon

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DEVON & CORNWALL’S BEST is an ideal travel guide to Britain’s beautiful south west. Illustrated using 430 pics and written by a pro-author it explores key DESTINATIONS; suggests ITINERARIES; details 230 SIGHTS and ACTIVITIES; and suggests great spots to EAT & DRINK. All text is independent.

First release: August 2021.

DEVON & CORNWALL’S BEST starts with essential TRIP-PLANNING information and an overview of key DESTINATIONS to provide perfect orientation.

A hand-crafted ITINERARIES section then offers first-timers three different, easy-to-follow routes to explore the region. Do one or two of them, or link them all up for a brilliant two-week trip.

Or, if you have particular INTERESTS or ACTIVITIES in mind, then you might just dive straight in to the this section of the app. It’s designed to give you the low-down on various themes, so if you’re travelling with KIDS; want an overview of WATER SPORTS; or want to tour landscaped GARDENS or HISTORIC HOMES – you'll find dedicated sections point you in the right direction. Other categories include BEACHES, CYCLING, HISTORY and WALKING.

Finally the app details many good RESTAURANTS, CAFES & PUBS near many key sights as well as a few places that are attractions in themselves. There’s also a little on SHOPS & SHOPPING to help hunt souvenirs and round off that perfect trip.

About the Author

Belinda Dixon has loved living in the south west since she moved to Falmouth to study and found palm trees on campus. A travel writer since 1997, she’s co-written dozens of guidebooks, as well as walking guides, web articles and apps.

Belinda largely writes about the west country, but has also researched Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Austria, Spain and France. She’s normally found outdoors exploring on foot, by sea swimming or in a kayak.