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Dubrovnik In-A-Day

Ambling round the Old Town


Despite its small size, Dubrovnik’s Old Town is packed with fascinating detail. Here are a few ideas on how to get the best out of it in 24 hours.


Walking Dubrovnik City Walls is essential if you want to experience the full splendour of the Old Town, and it’s best to do this early before it gets too crowded.

Follow a full circuit of the walls with a leisurely stroll along the Stradun, Dubrovnik’s main street, before taking a peek at the art and history displays inside The Rector's Palace.


The terrace of the Gradska Kavana, Dubrovnik is the ideal place to watch the world go by as you enjoy light lunch and coffee.


Give Dubrovnik Cathedral an admiring glance before diving into the alleys of the mysterious Pustijerna quarter. Feast your eyes on the art collection at The Dominican Monastery before exiting the Old Town through its eastern gate, and contemplating a bit of souvenir shopping at premier designer store Life According to Kawa.


Treat yourself to a sumptuous meal at Restaurant Dubrovnik or take one of Piknik Dubrovnik’s hampers up to Mount Srđ to enjoy the sunset. Finish off by heading out to the Dubrovnik Beer Company for a glass or two of amber nectar.

Restaurant Dubrovnik

Croatian cooking meets French cuisine (l,d; €€€)

Dubrovnik Beer Company

Laid-back spot for local brews (pm; €)

Dubrovnik City Walls

Glorious but crowded

Dubrovnik Old Town

Charming medieval streets

Gradska Kavana, Dubrovnik

Traditional venue for coffee & desserts (am & pm; €)

Life According to Kawa, Dubrovnik

Souvenirs with style

Piknik Dubrovnik

Dalmatian tapas in a basket (l,d; €€)

The Rector's Palace

Renaissance Cultural History Museum

Text © Jonathan Bousfield

Images by C Williams & OSM, Luca Sartoni