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Croatia straddles several different culinary cultures, and it would be near impossible to define what exactly constitutes Croatian cuisine. Suffice to say that it embraces much that is best in the Mediterranean, Central European and Balkan traditions.


Restaurant fare on Croatia’s much-visited Adriatic coast is primarily based on seafood, with fresh fish, shells, squid and lobster dominating the list of local staples as well as providing a platform for the country’s increasingly ambitious haute-cuisine chefs. Fish is usually grilled; the best white fish is sold by weight or cut into individually-priced fillets. Sea Bass (brancin), sea bream (orada) and John Dory (kovač) are among the finest fish; although tuna steaks are also widespread, and relatively inexpensive popular staples such as sardines and anchovies make for some delicious meals. Fried or grilled squid (lignja) is regular feature of the local table; scampi (škampi) is a speciality, especially on the northern coast. Note that scampi are served here whole and unpeeled; you prise them open with your fingers. Risottos are widespread; and there are some fascinating local varieties of pasta.


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