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Cook Islands’ Best, by Craig McLachlan

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COOK ISLANDS’ BEST is the ideal digital travel guide to this Pacific paradise. Written by a pro-author, it explores key ISLANDS; suggests ITINERARIES; details dozens of SIGHTS and ACTIVITIES; and suggests many great spots to EAT. All content (100+ points-of-interest/200+ pics) is original.

First release: November 2021. Latest update: August 2023.

COOK ISLANDS’ BEST  starts with essential TRIP-PLANNING information – including tips on ACCOMMODATION, FESTIVALS and TRANSPORT.

The following ISLANDS section then provides orientation to all the key islands – particularly RAROTONGA and AITUTAKI.

Next, a hand-crafted ITINERARIES & TOURS section suggests a couple of easy-to-follow routes for first-timers to explore the main islands on BICYCLES or SCOOTERS. There’s also an extensive selection of companies who organise the full variety of TOURS on sea or land.

Or, if you have more specific interests, you might dive straight into INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES, the next section of the app. This provides the heads-up on various topics: travelling with KIDS; looking for ART; exploring island HISTORY and CULTURE, including the lowdown on exploring local MARKETS and attending upbeat local church services. Other topics include thorough rundown of the many OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES and a section on WEDDINGS.

Finally, the app gathers together a reliable selection of RESTAURANTS, CAFES and BARS along with a little on SHOPPING to help with souvenir hunting.

The Author

A born and bred Kiwi, Craig McLachlan has been writing guidebooks since the late 1990s for Lonely Planet (over 50 editions), including multiple editions of ‘South Pacific’. An ‘island guy’, he specifically loves Polynesia. He lives in NZ, at the southern end of the Polynesian triangle, has an MBA from the University of Hawai’i at its northern end, and has travelled extensively throughout the Pacific.