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Brighton’s Best, by Sue King

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BRIGHTON’S BEST is an ideal travel guide to England’s quirky and bohemian seaside city. Written by a pro-author it explores key NEIGHBOURHOODS; details SIGHTS; outlines ITINERARIES; and suggests great places to EAT, DRINK. All content (116 points-of-interest & 152 pics) is original and independent; no recommendations are ads!

First release: October 2019. Latest update: May 2023.

BRIGHTON’S BEST starts with a TRIP ESSENTIALS section to help with planning that includes ACCOMMODATION suggestions, a guide to FESTIVALS & EVENTS, and TRANSPORT info.

A rundown of all the key NEIGHBOURHOODS then helps you orientate yourself, while an ITINERARIES section then offers first-timers the ideal way to explore the city using an easy-to-follow route.

Or, if you’re keen on exploring local ART; finding out about city HISTORY; spending time outdoors in OUTDOORS; or just want to find the best attractions for KIDS & FAMILIES, you might just dive straight into one of these themed sections.

Finally the app details many good places to EAT, DRINK, SHOP; with a rundown of the main CAFES, PUBS, RESTAURANTS, THEATRES, CINEMAS and LIVE MUSIC venues to ensure that perfect urban getaway. Included too is an insider section on Brighton’s renowned LGBTQ scene.

The Author

Since heading to summer camp in Pennsylvania, USA to teach tennis, Sue’s been addicted to travel and adventure. She’s travelled/lived in over fifty countries, with her favourite destinations the equally colourful and compelling India and Mexico.

Between travels she house-sits in Brighton, where she lived for many years and still loves for its vibrancy and bohemian spirit.

Sue’s written guides, essays and articles for a large variety of travel websites and magazines.