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England’s West Midlands, by Alison Plummer

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ENGLAND’S WEST MIDLANDS   is the ideal digital travel guide to central England. Written by a pro-author it explores key DESTINATIONS; suggests ITINERARIES; details dozens of SIGHTS and ACTIVITIES; and suggests great spots to EAT. All content (200+ points-of-interest/300+ pics) is original and independent; no recommendations are ads!

First release: November 2021. Latest update: September 2023.

ENGLAND’S WEST MIDLANDS  starts with essential TRIP-PLANNING information – with tips on ACCOMMODATION, FESTIVALS and TRANSPORT

A DESTINATIONS section then provides orientation to all the region’s key cities and counties of interest to visitors.

Next, a hand-crafted ITINERARIES section suggests an easy-to-follow route for first-timers to the region. BIRMINGHAM IN-A-DAY tours a dynamic city that’s busy reinventing itself while STRATFORD IN-2-DAYS is a must-do for any Shakespeare fan.

There’s a whole section on SHAKESPEARE in the next, INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES, section of the app. This is where you might dive straight in, if you have a specific interest. Featured are travelling with KIDS; the ARTS & CRAFTS movement; CASTLES, STATELY HOMES & GARDENS; WALKING & CYCLING and the TOLKIEN TRAIL. There’s also a thorough section on the region’s HISTORY including a section on INDUSTRIAL & VICTORIAN heritage and MUSEUMS, which will help you glimpse the region’s glory days.

Finally, the app details an incredibly useful selection – from the thousands of possible options – of RESTAURANTS, CAFES, PUBS and the like, including some of the best places for AFTERNOON TEA and the FARM SHOPS you shouldn’t miss. The latter also forms part of a SHOPS & SHOPPING to make sure you find the perfect souvenir of this engaging region.

The Author

Alison Plummer is a travel/lifestyle writer, author and destination specialist with a passion for the environment, food and wine and a love of both beautiful countryside and the buzz of city life. She divides her time between the UK and Australia.