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Austin's Best, by Amy K. Brown

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Austin’s Best is the ideal travel guide for your city break. It uses some 250 photos and 18,000 words to help you explore key neighborhoods; get detailed info on sights and activities; follow key itineraries; and provide lots of suggestions of where to eat, drink and find entertainment. All the content is original and since it’s fully-independent no recommendations are ads!

First release: February 2019.


From juicy BBQ and bat-watching to spicy Tex-Mex and fantastic live music, Austin likes to show its visitors a good ol’ good time.

The city works smart. Its nationwide reputation for brains and creativity is supported by the University of Texas and a booming tech industry. And it plays smart, boasting an abundance of sunshine, hike-and-bike trails, parks, and a river running through its urban core.


Amy K. Brown is a seasoned travel writer who has backpacked throughout France, writing for Let's Go and Rough Guides. She is the author of The Explorer's Guide to Austin, San Antonio, & the Hill Country, and Backroads and Byways of Texas.